RC 20/20

Student Affairs and General Education: Making Extracurricular Programs Cocurricular

Kenneth Elmore, Associate Provost and Dean of Students, Boston University

Eric Jarvis, Program Manager, BU Hub, Boston University

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Eric Jarvis

In his role as Program Manager for the BU Hub, Eric works closely with faculty, staff, and administrative and academic units across Boston University to develop, implement, and assess Hub cocurricular learning experiences. In addition, Eric is responsible for overseeing the development and assessment of Life Skills offerings available through the Hub. Eric also plays a central role in communications about the Hub, including web and content development, marketing, and strategy.

Prior to joining the BU Hub, Eric served as a faculty member in the BU History Department, where he taught courses on music and civil rights, American politics and the media, and twentieth-century social, political, and cultural history. He also held the position of Associate Director for BU Summer Term, where he oversaw pre-college academic residential programs and helped to manage day-to-day operations of the summer academic program. Additionally, Eric has taught in the CAS Writing Program at Boston University and in the Liberal Arts Department of the Berklee College of Music. Before coming to Boston University, Eric held positions as Director of Program Development and Director of Communications & Resource Development for the International House of Blues Foundation, where he supervised the research, development, and delivery of arts and cultural educational programs and resources for middle and high school students and teachers.

Eric holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in American Studies from Boston University and a B.A. in English from Duke University. His research and teaching interests include modern American liberalism, intersections of race, gender, and U.S. politics, the Civil Rights movement, and popular culture.

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Kenneth Elmore

As Associate Provost and Dean of Students, Kenneth Elmore coordinates University efforts to provide a safe environment, where students can find their way within a vibrant academic community. He additionally works with the President and Provost to raise philanthropic support for undergraduate student scholarships, and shares leadership and management of projects associated with student-focused facilities, physical infrastructure, and capital projects.

Kenn’s duties as Dean of Students include advising student organizations, planning ways to acclimate students to the University, setting and regulating standards, offering academic support, helping students navigate career goals, making certain the University experience is accessible, and creating a vibrant and welcoming living-learning environment. The offices reporting to Kenn—the Community Service Center, Disability Services, Howard Thurman Center, Judicial Affairs, Orientation, Residence Life, Student Activities—respond to student concerns, help students solve their problems, and help students build communities.

Appointed in 2003, Kenn has more than 25 years of administrative experience in higher education. Prior to his appointment, he managed orientation programs, campus activities, and residence operations at Boston University. He has also practiced law within the Boston area. Kenn earned his AB in Psychology from Brown University; a Master of Education in Policy, Planning & Administration from Boston University; and, a JD from New England Law.