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Supporting Student Equity by Supporting Faculty and the Instructional System

Marco Molinaro, Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness, University California, Davis

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Marco Molinaro

Marco Molinaro, Ph.D., is the Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness at UC Davis where he oversees the Center for Educational Effectiveness which includes learning and teaching support, instructional research and development and educational analytics. Dr. Molinaro has more than 20 years of educational experience creating and leading applications of technology for instruction, scientific visualization and simulation, tools for evidence-based instructional actions, curriculum development and evaluation, and science exhibits for students from elementary school through graduate school and for the general public. Currently Molinaro is leading the UC Davis university-wide effort to improve undergraduate student success through the

Center for Educational Effectiveness. He is also the founder of the Tools for Evidence-based actions community, a group of researchers and administrators from over 45 universities dedicated to sharing tools and methodologies that encourage evidence-based instructional actions.