RC 20/20

Designing for Impact: An Outcome Aligned Approach to General Education

Matthew Trevett-Smith, Director of Center for Teaching & Learning, Boston University


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Matthew Trevett-Smith

Matthew Trevett-Smith is director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and adjunct instructor of Communication. With a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, his teaching interests focus on digital fluency and internet-based communication. As director, he oversees the CTL’s programming and offerings for faculty and graduate students, helping them develop foundational teaching skills and explore new ideas in teaching and learning. He also consults regularly with BU faculty and administrators about pedagogical issues, seeking to nurture a universityculture of innovation and create rich, active classroom environments that support meaningful learning. He has been particularly effective in leading wide-ranging efforts to convene, support, and facilitate faculty learning communities – self-selecting groups of faculty who gather to pursue particular ideas or experiments in teaching and learning.His research focuses on engaging learners with technology, leveraging digital media in educational development, and social pedagogies. Matthew was also host and founder of an educational development Podcast.